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***Jerry A. Penley, founder and creator of Penjacc Productions and this website, passed away April 14, 2006.  Many

of you didn't know him personally, but knew his site and photography.  He may be gone but not forgotten for he lives

onin the photographs and this website that he took such great pride in.  He is still guiding us every time we are out taking

photographs.   The Ole Ridgerunner has gone home.***

Welcome to our Web site!

My family and I live in the most beautiful location in the world!
I know that you probably feel the same about your neck of the woods.

We live in what most people would consider the foothills of the Smokies or the Smoky Mountains as you might know them.

My wife Carrie, my daughter Ann and I are photographers and we only photograph theBlue Ridge and Appalachian mountain region.   Using our "photographer�s eye," we sometimes see what so many others miss as they speed through on their way to their destination.  Our son Allen worked for a computer technology company at the time I started this web and was the driving force behind our building this site!

As for the people who live in this region, We believe that they get so used to seeing this beautiful region everyday that they get to the point that they cannot "see the trees for the forest."

We are specializing in Landscape, nature and scenic photography of the area that is encompassed by the States of Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.  Most of our photos will fit in the categories of Americana, nature, scenic and historical places of this region.  A few other photos we have in other categories are waterfalls, trains and old mills of east Tennessee and Virginia.

We are also into genealogy, if being addicted to this hobby for 37 years qualifies us as being into genealogy.  Our love of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain photography and genealogy does seem to go hand in hand.

The history of this region is so rich and diverse. This is the reason that we write a weekly column in a local newspaper.  The name of the column is called "Day Trippin" because it is a trip that a family can take to a locale and be back home that night.

We combine the local history and the beauty of the area to entice people to take a picnic lunch and camera and just enjoy our rich heritage as they travel the back roads of our mountains.

My wife�s and my ancestors came to this region in the early 1700s.  They were mostly of Scottish-Irish bloodlines so this is most likely why we love our mountains and are proud to be called "ridge runners."

Come and enjoy our region and bring your cameras!



This web site is brought to you by
Penjacc Productions and Penjacc Photography.


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