From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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Bgonebut1.jpg (183479 bytes)

This is an old 1929 Chevrolet truck.  It
has been sitting here for many years that I am aware of.  This scene was taken on an overcast day about noon
Forgotten, Not Gone
By Carrie Penley 1994
Item # EN115
This scene was taken on Mt. Rogers, VA.  It was an advertisement for a guitar maker who made them by hand.
This guitar was hanging on the side of
the old cabin that the man was born in.
Notice the side of the body is metal.

bguitar1.jpg (185504 bytes)

Lost Melodies
By Carrie Penley 1994
Item # EN113

bouthouse.jpg (150969 bytes)

This scene should bring back
memories to the "old-timers" among you.  This reminder was found at Prater's Mill near Dalton, GA.
Yesterday's Necessity
By Carrie Penley 1996
Item # EN229

Bpumpkin1.jpg (162150 bytes)

This photo was taken in Rockbridge County, VA.  The time was an early
morning in October.
By Carrie Penley 1996
Item # EN239

bshawne1.jpg (111206 bytes)

This photo is of the Shawnee "Corn"pattern glass.  This pattern dates back to the turn of the century.
Shawnee "Corn"
By Jerry Penley 1988
Item # EN91
This scene was just after daybreak in east TN.  It was taken from another hot air balloon.  It pays to know someone with one of these balloons as some excellent photography can be taken from one of these!

CoolChangeBalloon299.jpg (49308 bytes)

Cool Change Balloon
By Ann Penley 2001
Item # EN299