From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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bwolf1.jpg (128658 bytes)

This scene was taken in East Tennessee.  The gray wolf is making a comeback in east Tennessee as well as the red wolf.
Blue Ridge Wolf
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN122
This scene was shot in Cade's Cove,
TN.  The best times to photograph
deer or other large animals is in the
fall when they have a full coat of

bbuck.jpg (166177 bytes)

Buck Deer
By Carrie Penley 1998
Item # EN309

bredhead.jpg (84128 bytes)

This redhead duck did not seem to be aware that we were there to take his
photo.  We had been there quite a while and there were several.
Red Head
By Carrie Penley 1994
Item # EN28
These Arabian horses were along Boone's Creek in east TN near where Daniel Boone hid from the Indians behind a small waterfall.

bhorses.jpg (160637 bytes)

Arabians Three
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN37

WoodDuck59.jpg (50444 bytes)

The Wood Duck is one of the most difficult ducks to photograph.  We spent several days getting a few shots of wild ducks near Kingsport, TN.  Even the reflection has the glint in the eye.
Wood Duck
By Jerry Penley 2001
Item # EN59
I had to whistle at this duck to get him to drop one leg so I could photograph him, HeHe.  Green Winged Teal sleep a lot with only one leg supporting them.

GreenWingedTeal119.jpg (75746 bytes)

Green Winged Teal
By Jerry Penley 2001
Item # EN119