From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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bcolumbine1.jpg (108877 bytes)

This is one of the old flowers that have
been around forever as compared to
the newer "hybrid" flowers.  This scene was shot under normal light and with a close-up lens which resulted in a dark background.  These flowers grow wild.
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN42
This scene was taken in a neighbor's
yard.  The flower was backlit by the sun
and fill flash was used.  This is another
old flower in that they were raised by
just about all our grandmothers.  This
flower is one of the cultivated flowers.

biris1.jpg (118201 bytes)

Purple Iris
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN254

bmtlaurel1.jpg (116887 bytes)

The Mountain Laurel is a very delicate
looking flower.  From the road, they
always look like they are dirty as if
splashed by a passing car.  But when
viewed up close, they are a very crisp
looking flower.  This grows profusely in
the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mts.
Mountain Laurel
By Jerry Penley 1996
Item # EN250
We looked for several years for this
flower to go with a white one that my
wife had a nice photo of.  When we
found this one along the Clinch River
in southwest VA, there were acres of

Bredtri1.jpg (98527 bytes)

Red Trillium
By Jerry Penley 1996
Item # EN252

btrill1.jpg (97285 bytes)

We waited for about two hours for the beam of sunshine that was working it's way through the woods to back light this flower and leaves.
Then a gold reflector was used to light the face of the flower.  This photo makes a nice pair with the red Trillium shown elsewhere in this section.
White Trillium
By Carrie Penley 1993
Item # EN65
I love this showy, ancient flower.  And when one gets a shot such as this one with the weather-worn fence, well, what more can one hope for.

Bsunpost1.jpg (114378 bytes)

Sunflower and Post
By Jerry Penley 1995
Item # EN97