From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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Brhodfog1.jpg (144874 bytes)

This photo was taken in the World's largest Rhododendron garden on Roan Mountain TN/NC.  The clouds were rolling across the crest giving the scene an ethereal feeling and look.
Rhododendron and Fog
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN146
This scene was taken in the garden on Roan Mt. on the TN/NC border.    If you ever get a chance to visit this 600 acre garden, by all means do so.  The mountain appears to be on fire.

brhodo1.jpg (158411 bytes)

Catawba Rhododendron
By Jerry Penley 1996
Item # EN210

TurksCap150.jpg (64554 bytes)

This scene was taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.  I used a fill flash here to cause the background to go dark and to stop the movement of the flower in the wind. 
Turk's Cap
By Jerry Penley 2001
Item # EN150
This photo was made in the largest Rhododendron garden in the world.  It is located on Roan Mountain on the TN/NC border.  In June when the flowers are in full bloom, the mountain looks as if it was on fire.

PathwayToGarden195.jpg (111593 bytes)

Pathway To The Garden
By Jerry Penley 2001
Item # EN195

ShowySunflower95.jpg (84749 bytes)

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers to photograph.  They are so showy!
Showy Sunflower
By Carrie Penley 2001
Item # EN95