From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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bmtcabin.jpg (169929 bytes)

This old cabin is on Mt. Rogers, the tallest mountain in VA.  We went six
different weeks trying to get this exact shot when the leaves were in their prime and a cloudy day.  It was
cold the day we got this shot.
Highland Cabin
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN41
Mabry Mill, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, is probably the most photographed mill in the country.  Here is our rendition of it taken in the late fall.

bmabry1.jpg (186979 bytes)

Mabry Mill
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item # EN18

Bkilfort1.jpg (141915 bytes)

This scene is of the Kilgore Fort in southwest VA.  The fort was built in 1786 making this structure the oldest standing structure in
southwest VA today.  My ancestors built it.
Kilgore Fort
By Carrie Penley 1998
Item # EN319
This scene was taken near Covington, VA.  I have heard this bridge is the last humpback bridge left in the United States.  There are rainbow trout in the stream.

bhumpback1.jpg (206133 bytes)

Humpback Bridge #1
By Jerry Penley 1996
Item # EN223

Boldmill1.jpg (165113 bytes)

This scene is the Old Mill in
Pigeon Forge, TN.  The time was in early fall and about 5:00 in the afternoon.
The Old Mill
By Jerry Penley 1992
Item # EN143
This scene is of the old Shields cabin in Cade's Cove, TN.  The time is just after the sun has arose in late October.

bshield1.jpg (185098 bytes)

Shields Cabin
By Jerry Penley 1994
Item #EN53