From The Blue Ridge Mountains
"America's First Frontier"
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ZionCanyon2354.jpg (110330 bytes)

There is not very much more to describe about this scene.  The photo was made about two in the afternoon because of the cloud formations that had moved in and we were afraid we would lose them.
Zion Canyon #2
By Ann Penley 2001
Item # EN354
I wonder sometimes who, how and why different places got their names!  This location is in Arizona.

RedBellRockAz328.jpg (107908 bytes)

Red Bell Rock
By Ann Penley 2000
Item # EN328

GrandCanyon.jpg (99109 bytes)

Yep, one more photo of the Grand Canyon.  Every photographer sooner or later has to get one.
Grand Canyon 
By Ann Penley 2001
Item # EN329
Another one of those locations where sooner or later, every photographer has to visit and photograph.

RainbowBridge.jpg (107163 bytes)

Rainbow Bridge
By Ann Penley 2001
Item # EN331

ZionCanyon334.jpg (124412 bytes)

This part of our great country is so dry that I tried to get as much water in this photo as was possible, hehe.
Zion Canyon #1
By Ann Penley 2001
Item # EN334